Electrolysis of water


How could we prove that water is made out of smaller parts ?


The Configuration of the Water Molecule


This is a water molecule (H2O). It is made of 3 atoms :

  • 2 hydrogen (H)
  • 1 oxygen (O)

How are these atoms bound together into a molecule ?


Each atom has its own electrons orbiting around it.


What is an electron ?

It is a very very small particule that has mass (unlike photons of light). It is what makes electricity. Electrons tend to stick around the nucleus of an atom.


Sometimes it’s good for atoms to share their electrons with other atoms.

They « share » one or several electrons. They put it in common and it makes a binding. An electrical binding. Because electrons are the particles that make electricity!


How could we break this binding ?


If we make electricity pass in the water, it will break the electrical binding between atoms and they will re-arrange.

The fundamental of water electrolysis process. | Download Scientific Diagram


Now you will make electricity pass in the water in order to split it.

Splitting water will produce O2 gas on one side, H2 gas on the other side.

Your challenge is to guess which gas forms where !

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