About us

Les Petits Atomes is a French company based in Paris. We offer STEAM activities for children aged 3-12 and teenagers.

Most of our teachers are able to speak in English, and we can help English-speaking children improve their level in French as well.

Our STEM activities

Les Petits Atomes offers:

  • daytime holiday camps, in Paris, Versailles, Aix-en-Provence and Vincennes ;
  • ECA workshops in schools (Extra-Curricular Activities) ;
  • trips to Brittany and other French regions, mixing STEM activities, sports (sailing) ;
  • linguistic trips to England, in fine boarding schools ;
  • private events for companies (Kids Days…) or individuals (birthday parties) ;
  • scientific mediation in librairies, schools, large public events…

Les Petits Atomes also offers families with cultural tours, by visiting science museums, as well as art museums : our guides are dedicated to providing children with a fun, entertaining and instructive experience; which the parents can also benefit from ;-).


Les Petits Atomes operates its holiday camps and trips under the supervision of Youth public authorities, which implies recruiting qualified teachers, declaring them to the Préfecture, and hosting children in adapted venues.

Les Petits Atomes is a licensed travel agent, registered to Atout France.

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